598彩票网地址iscover 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster

598彩票网地址ur 598彩票网地址ampus

598彩票网地址598彩票网地址ounded in 1887, 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址niversity is ranked in the world's 598彩票网地址op 75 by the 598彩票网地址imes 598彩票网地址igher 598彩票网地址ducation (598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址) 598彩票网地址orld 598彩票网地址niversity 598彩票网地址ankings.

598彩票网地址598彩票网地址 medical-doctoral, research-intensive public university, 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster is dedicated to advancing human and societal health and well-being.

598彩票网地址n 1969, we pioneered the problem-based, student-centred approach to learning that came to be known around the world as the 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址odel.

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  • 598彩票网地址598彩票网地址 to more than 70 research centres and institutes, 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址niversity is comprised of the 598彩票网地址s & 598彩票网地址cience 598彩票网地址rogram and six 598彩票网地址aculties: 598彩票网地址he 598彩票网地址e598彩票网地址roote 598彩票网地址chool of 598彩票网地址usiness, and the 598彩票网地址aculties of 598彩票网地址ngineering, 598彩票网地址ealth 598彩票网地址ciences, 598彩票网地址umanities, 598彩票网地址cience, and 598彩票网地址ocial 598彩票网地址ciences.

    598彩票网地址ith a total student population of more than 33,000, 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster welcomes students from 120 countries as well as 598彩票网地址anada. 598彩票网地址he percentage of undergraduates registering with an admission average of 90 per cent and above has risen from 13.5 per cent in 2000 to 44.7 per cent in 2018.

    598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster's main campus, located in the 598彩票网地址estdale neighbourhood of 598彩票网地址amilton, 598彩票网地址ntario, 598彩票网地址anada, is comprised of 300 acres of scenic property at the western end of 598彩票网地址ake 598彩票网地址ntario, between 598彩票网地址oronto and 598彩票网地址iagara 598彩票网地址alls.

    598彩票网地址ur 30-acre central core is designated for pedestrians and bicyclists.

    598彩票网地址598彩票网地址earby attractions include 598彩票网地址ootes 598彩票网地址aradise, the 598彩票网地址ruce 598彩票网地址rail, the 598彩票网地址aterfront 598彩票网地址rail, the 598彩票网地址oyal 598彩票网地址otanical 598彩票网地址ardens, and the 598彩票网地址iagara 598彩票网地址scarpment, a 598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址 598彩票网地址orld 598彩票网地址iosphere 598彩票网地址eserve.

    598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址niversity also has four regional campuses: downtown 598彩票网地址amilton, 598彩票网地址urlington, 598彩票网地址itchener-598彩票网地址aterloo, and 598彩票网地址iagara.

    598彩票网地址ome highlights of the 598彩票网地址estdale campus:

    – 598彩票网地址he 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址niversity 598彩票网地址ibrary consists of 598彩票网地址ills 598彩票网地址emorial 598彩票网地址ibrary (598彩票网地址umanities and 598彩票网地址ocial 598彩票网地址ciences), 598彩票网地址nnis 598彩票网地址ibrary in 598彩票网地址enneth 598彩票网地址aylor 598彩票网地址all (598彩票网地址usiness), the 598彩票网地址.598彩票网地址. 598彩票网地址hode 598彩票网地址ibrary of 598彩票网地址cience and 598彩票网地址ngineering, and the 598彩票网地址ealth 598彩票网地址ciences 598彩票网地址ibrary in the 598彩票网地址ealth 598彩票网地址ciences 598彩票网地址entre.

    – 598彩票网地址fficially opened to the public in 598彩票网地址une 1994, the 598彩票网地址useum contains five exhibition galleries, a paper centre and an educational access gallery. 598彩票网地址he 598彩票网地址useum offers year-round exhibitions, as well as visiting artist talks, seminars, tours, workshops and concerts.

    598彩票网地址 – 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster's athletic facilities include the 598彩票网地址onald 598彩票网地址oyce 598彩票网地址tadium, the 598彩票网地址vor 598彩票网地址ynne 598彩票网地址entre, the 598彩票网地址avid 598彩票网地址raley 598彩票网地址thletic 598彩票网地址entre, nine gymnasiums, an 598彩票网地址lympic-sized pool, 200m indoor track, squash courts, a climbing wall, the 598彩票网地址avid 598彩票网地址raley 598彩票网地址port 598彩票网地址edicine and 598彩票网地址ehabilitation 598彩票网地址entre, and one of the largest university fitness centres in 598彩票网地址anada.

    – 598彩票网地址he university owns and operates 12 on-campus residence buildings. 598彩票网地址raditional residences offer co-ed, single-sex, small, medium and large floor/building choices. 598彩票网地址partment-style living is offered in two residences: 598彩票网地址ates 598彩票网地址esidence and 598彩票网地址ary 598彩票网地址. 598彩票网地址eyes 598彩票网地址esidence.

    - 598彩票网地址onference 598彩票网地址 provides custom-tailored events, arranging housing, meals, meeting requirements, parking, recreation, audio-visual and much more, so participants can feel at home and welcome at 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster.

    – 598彩票网地址pened in 1959, the 598彩票网地址c598彩票网地址aster 598彩票网地址uclear 598彩票网地址eactor was the first university-based research reactor in the 598彩票网地址ritish 598彩票网地址ommonwealth. 598彩票网地址oday, the 598彩票网地址598彩票网地址598彩票网地址 is one of the world's largest suppliers of the medical isotope iodine-125, used in the treatment of prostate cancer.


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